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Starting out at NG

2009-06-13 04:48:57 by Horgande

After being showered numerous videos/games here on Newgrounds, I finally decided that I would sign up. Currently I have no experience in Flash (I don't even have flash) but hopefully I can get it in future and start out.

Anyway, for those who may not know me, my name is Justin, I'm 14 and living in Australia. That's about it to know about me, but I guess if you wanna know more ask for my msn :)


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2009-06-13 05:25:57



2009-06-13 06:58:49

Greetings there, why the injured face?


2009-06-13 07:04:07

well.....hi there!....
if you wanna learn to use in not that hard,y started to making short this week,and is pretty easy,all you need is imagination to create something original xD


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